NaBloPoMo–Day 5

November marks the ever-so-popular event of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month).  Basically BlogHer (the site that started it) encourages every blogger out there to try to write a post every single day of the month.  If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up on  Each day of the month has a prompt.  It’s not mandatory to use a prompt everyday, but if you’re blanking out, like I am today, that’s what they’re for!

I’m gonna use tomorrow’s prompt which says: “If you were President of the United States, what would be your first act in office?”

Easy.  I would have made it mandatory (a long time ago) for every food label to say if it contains gluten or not!  There was a petition out that needed 25,000 signatures by November 3rd (I definitely was one of them) for this.  You can look at the petition here if you like, even though it is over.

It got over 26,000 signatures!  I’ve been waiting for this rule to be finalized forever!  If I were president, I would have finalized it years ago.  But, hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

Hmm…what would be another good thing to create a petition for?  What else do we Celiacs want/need?