Hi everybody!

My name’s Kelsey and I have had Celiac Disease for about 4 years.  I was diagnosed after over a year of stomach pains, countless blood tests, and one colonoscopy I’d rather not discuss.  This disease has put me through the ringer.  But, here I am, still alive to tell my story.  My goal is to give you the real story of being gluten-free and how you can survive it in an easy and delicious way.

I went through everything.  I went from the joy of feeling like this was going to make me a healthier person (I love candy. And desserts. And anything sweet) to crying at the kitchen table after eating a piece of millet bread. My friend’s parakeet eats millet.  No one wants to be reduced to a parakeet, right?  So, the first time I made (a delicious loaf of) homemade bread, again, I cried.  What’s with me and crying after eating bread?

I’m here to share the tears and the triumphs of being someone who eats gluten-free.  Whether you have to or you choose to, we all unite together in one thing.  Here’s to gluten-free being delicious!  Let’s make those non-gluten-freers jealous of what we have to eat.

I’d love to hear from anyone by way of email at:

truthfullyglutenfree (at) gmail (dot) com


  • post recipes, ideas, encouragement and (nice) criticism
  • ask questions, comment, and reply to others


  • spam
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  1. So glad you stumbled across my blog so that I could explore yours as well. Looks like you’ve got some great posts and I look forward to reading more! My best friend from college has Celiac’s (thankfully I don’t) so I’m always on the lookout for GF recipes. 🙂

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