A Day in the Life

Many people have been asking me what I eat on a certain day.  I’ve never thought anyone would find my meals interesting, but I suppose if you’re not used to watching what you eat it’s probably a wee bit unusual.  (One of the residents is from Ireland and the word wee is starting to catch on..)  I can never remember to take pictures of my food because I don’t think to do that.  But, after practicing my photography one day last week, a bowl of noodles I made looked particularly yummy, so I had to take a picture.  Although I made it at home (where I have more options for food) and not at school (where there are literally no options), here’s a picture of something I whipped together for lunch.

I can’t just put together a peanut butter and jelly (oh how I miss those!), so I usually eat something frozen or if I’m at school I eat a salad, fruits, veggies, potatoes, etc.  Sometimes, I get tired of that, so when I’m at home I love making pasta.  My favorite is with salt and butter or maybe some garlic olive oil.  When I made this though, we had a little bit of parmesan cheese, so I put that in the bottom of the dish with butter and garlic powder and dumped the hot noodles on top.  I used my favorite noodle brand: Schar.  I believe they are mostly made of corn, which I find way better than rice, brown rice or any other sort of grain.  They get nice and soft with a little bit of a bite.  Just how I like them. 🙂  But when you put all the cheesy and creamy goodness underneath and mix it up, it gets so gooey and delicious.  It tasted so good.  Here, maybe this will help.


Here’s to gluten-free being easy and yummy.  Way better than a peanut butter sandwich, right?

Tomorrow I’m going to try to take a picture of my lunch at school to give you another look.  Cross your fingers I don’t forget!

Love always,



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