Prayers for the Brookfield Shooting

Even though this isn’t related in any way to gluten-free eating, I live too close to Brookfield to not say anything about this.

This morning a man went to Azana Spa in Brookfield and started shooting. Brookfield Square mall was put on lock down to protect those inside.  For hours, very little happened that was reported of.  As of about an hour ago, there were 7 people at the hospital, but none were in critical condition. Now, it has been confirmed that three of the seven involved injured have died. 😦  To make it even worse, the shooter is still on the loose and no one has any idea where he could possibly be.

I live about 5 minutes from the edge of Brookfield where this happened and I know someone who was on their way to Brookfield Square (right across the street from the spa, which was put on lock down) as the shooting happened. The Milwaukee area is going viral again but for a very bad reason. A couple of months ago, in August, a shooting took place at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, just outside of Milwaukee.

If anyone would like to read about the tragedy, here is the most updated story as of now.

I am hoping that no one else that was injured dies and that the shooter is caught and taken to jail as soon as possible.  Let’s hope no one else gets hurt by this man.  Please keep everybody in the area and the family and friends of the victims in your thoughts and prayers. ❤

Update: the shooter was found dead in the spa where the shooting took place.  Thank goodness no one else can be hurt by this man, but what is already done is done.


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