Hold the Gluten, Please.

This weekend I’m on a girl’s trip to Chicago.  Staying in hotels and being away from home always presents some issues, but I’ve learned to deal with eating out.

For dinner tonight we decided to go to Joe’s Crab Shack because I’ve never had real crab.  I always thought imitation crab counted…apparently not.  For that, you don’t have to bust out an apron and hand wipes.  This was some serious business.

They had a real gluten-free menu!  There weren’t that many choices on it, but the main things were the buckets and steampots, which I was dying to try.  Corn, potatoes, clarified butter.  Um, my name is written all over that.  I got the garlic and herb snow crab bucket.  I was a little bit of an amateur, but I was geared up and ready to go.

If you still aren’t ready venture out of the house and out to restaurants, my main piece of advice is make sure you tell them you have an allergy or a disease.  If you tell them gluten makes you sick, they will do the absolute best they can.  No restaurant wants to know they might make someone sick if they are able to prevent it.

There is always something that you can find that is gluten-free.  I usually stick to salads, but always ask about dressings and vinaigrettes.  My favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory, only has a couple of gluten-free dressings, but hey, there’s at least one and that’s all I need!

So, I made sure the waitress knew I ate gluten-free, but she was asking if butter was gluten-free so I’m not real sure she was a reliable source…

It was so good. Here’s some proof:

If you’ve never gone to Joe’s Crab Shack, go! Besides great food, it was a fun place.  When Cotton Eyed Joe came on, all of the waiters and waitresses stopped their work and started dancing.   It’s a safe gluten-free place, so give it a try!


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