Makin’ it Work

All I wanna do is sit on my butt.  Seriously.

I work at the local cupcake store (that will be my only shameless advertisement, I promise.) and every single time, it never fails to drain me.  To make it even better, of course my busiest work days always fall in line with the days I have the most homework.  Funny how that works out, right?

I’m on my feet running back and forth, back and forth, kitchen to the counter, counter to kitchen, etc., etc., etc.  By the time I’m done at 7:30 I’m ready to call it quits.  I’m also starving…after smelling, making, and looking at cupcakes all night.  Who would complain, though?

Either way, once I plop down in my room, all I want is food.  Fast.  Here was my dinner of choice tonight:

Mmmmmm…potatoes.  I love anything having to do with a potato.  Why?  Couldn’t tell ya.  Broccoli, though? Eh, I could do without.  Smother it in a thick (flour-free), cheesy sauce and it’s got my name written all over it.  I was so, so SO happy to find another frozen thing I could pop in the microwave.  This thing isn’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but I’m not complaining.  It gets the job done.  (It’s on sale a lot, too ;))

I’d call that a success.


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