I could do without the emotions

I personally think that becoming gluten-free gives more emotional problems than anything else.  For me, switching over to gluten-free really wasn’t that hard; the emotions that came with it is really what threw me for a loop.  The number on the scale did drop slightly…yeah, I know, who wouldn’t complain about that? But that was probably the only thing I was happy about.

Like I said in my about page, I had so many ups and downs dealing with this disease, it wasn’t even funny.  I started off being insanely anemic, to the point where I didn’t want to get up off of the couch and do a thing, which is kind of what jump started the quest of being diagnosed.  I got the blood work for the Celiac panel back and I had one or two positive antibodies, but I never thought I would ever be diagnosed with anything bad.

“It says one of the symptoms is osteoporosis!  Obviously I don’t have that, so there’s no way I have Celiac,” I specifically remember telling one of my friends.  A couple days later, bam.  So much for that thought.

I was so excited to start a healthier lifestyle when I was first diagnosed…then I found out that chips, candy, etc. are still mostly gluten-free.  For anyone who doesn’t know me, I love candy.  No, that doesn’t even begin to describe me.  I am a candy FANATIC.  Thank goodness I love fruits or I’d be a mess.

One of the things that made me the most depressed right after the diagnosis was that I couldn’t eat bread.  Back then (this is only 4 years ago, mind you) there were little to no gluten-free breads.  I brought a lovely peanut butter sandwich in my school lunch one day on a nice piece of dense, dry, rice bread.  Mmmmm.  I bit into it and it sucked all of the spit out of my mouth.  All of my friends at the lunch table started to make fun of my nasty bread.  I didn’t mind that part because they were right–it was awful.  Then they started to bang it on the table to prove how dense it was.  Okay, we get the picture… Then the conversation kept going…

“Wait!  You can’t eat cake!  Oh my god, your wedding isn’t even going to have cake.  That sucks sooo bad.  How are you gonna have a wedding with no cake?!”

Although I didn’t say anything to them, when I went home, I cried.  I could have cake at my wedding, right?  Is there anything I’ll be able to eat ever again?  I cried and cried many times.  No bread, no noodles, no cake, cookies, bagels..the list goes on.

Eventually, I found a quote while I was researching for a speech on what?  You guessed it, Celiac Disease.

It was something along the lines of, “if God came to me and told me I had to be diagnosed with any disease in the world, I would choose Celiac Disease.”

Sleep on that one.  Think of how fortunate you are to have Celiac Disease instead of cancer, heart disease, or any other illness that could lead to death.  All we have to do is change our food habits around.  We do have things to eat, and it sure isn’t the end of the world.  Sometimes, gluten-free food is even better than “normal” food. 🙂


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